Cremation Services

There are many local funeral homes that offer cremation but only a few have on-site crematories.

It is difficult to tell which providers have crematories because most use crematory in their names. Most funeral homes sub-contract the cremation with out of area crematories and take weeks to complete a cremation. When given the choice, most families prefer a licensed funeral home with an on-site crematory.

We at A Community Funeral Home & Sunset Cremations listened to the requests of our families, and in 2006, we added an on-site crematory. What this means is that all details in connection with the cremation are handled in one location without transporting the deceased to different facilities. Owning our on-site crematory gives us ultimate control over the timeliness of our service, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the cost at which we are able to provide services. By choosing our company, our clients effectively cut out the middle man, avoid delays, and guarantee the integrity of the entire process. On average our cremations are completed in half the time it takes other providers, without surprises or hidden fees. One simple price; that's what we guarantee.