Extra Charges

We understand that most people do not make funeral or cremation arrangements often. Below we list some common extra charges that may or may not apply to a funeral or cremation arrangement. We want our families to be informed about every possible expense in advance. We feel this list is most helpful in avoiding surprises. 

 Death Certificates

The office of vital statistics issues the death certificate and charges for certified copies $10. for the first copy, $5. for each additional copy ordered at the same time.  We obtain death certificates for our families and add the cost of the death certificates requested to the funeral or cremation charges.  It is important to understand that death certificates are not our charges and that we in no way charge more than the cost of the certificates.

 Funeral Escorts and Limousines2 Escort Vehicles and Drivers                                $500.1 Limousine with Driver (7 passenger) 5 hours     $600.1 Limousine with Driver (10 passenger) 5 hours   $800.

After 5 hours $150. / hour

Funeral Processions from the place of services to the cemetery can be dangerous. Family and friends are often in a heightened emotional state and our roadways are busy with aggressive and distracted drivers.  We recommend that a company be utilized to assist the procession in traveling safely to the cemetery.  Some families also request that we contract the services of limousines for the transportation of the family. 


One of the most common requests we receive from our families  is for help obtaining the casket spray (the flowers that cover the closed end of the casket).  A family can order these flowers while making the funeral plans at our office and have the cost added to the funeral contract.  Flowers can also be ordered and paid for on this website or ordered at any florist of the families choice.A basic casket spray delivered to the funeral home would cost $180.

Cemetery Charges

We assist our families in selecting and arranging cemetery services.  Over the years we have developed a vast knowledge of local cemeteries and the prices associated with each. 

Airline Charges 

 The charge for air transportation from Florida to other states or foreign countries varies greatly and is often determined by several factors including: geographical location, the total weight of the deceased and shipping container.  Below we list examples of shipping destinations and the associated air transportation charges.

Please Note:  These charges are examples only as airline rates change daily.

Orlando International Airport to: 

  • United States:
  • California, Los Angeles  $797.
  • Connecticut, Bradley 3/9/2021 $547.19.
  • Connecticut, Hartford- 5/27/2019 $604
  • Georgia, Atlanta 5/31/2019 $591.
  • Illinois, Chicago  $565.
  • Maryland, Baltimore 3/9/2021 $547.19.
  • Massachusetts, Boston 7/9/18 $531.25.
  • Michigan, Detroit 3/9/2021 $634.13.
  • New York, LaGuardia 11/29/2022 $587.38.
  • South Dakota, Bismarck- 1/30/2019 $615.
  • Tennessee, Knoxville- 3/26/2019 $592
  • Texas, Dallas- 7/7/2021 $580.
  • Virginia, Norfolk- 4/18/2019 $578.
  • Virginia, Via Washington Dulles Airport(D.C.)- 3/3/2019 $548.
  • International:
  • Bahamas, Nassau- 9/24/2018 $1500.
  • Colombia, Bogota- 1/2023  $2250.
  • Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo- 12/2023 $1650.
  • Dominican Republic, Santiago de los Caballeros - 7/2022 $1606
  • Ecuador, Quito- 6/2019 $1350.
  • El Salvador- 12/2023 $2050.
  • France, Blagnac- 3/12/2019 $3100.
  • Guatemala- 1/2024  $1770.
  • Haiti-Port Au Prince- 7/2022 $1850.
  • Honduras, San Pedro Sula-8/2022  $2100.
  • Ivory Coast, West Africa- 2/16/2022 $4400 
  • Jamaica- 2/2022 $1650
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica 8/2022 $1540
  • Mexico, Mexico City- 1/2024 $1540.
  • Mexico, Oaxaca; Guadalajara; Veracruz; Guanajuato, and other cities - 5/2024 $2250.
  • Nicaragua, Managua- 2/2022 $1650
  • Nigeria, Lagos- 2/2022 $3775.
  • Nigeria, Abuja- 10/2022  $3500
  • Puerto Rico, San Juan 1/2024 $895.-United Airlines 
  • Puerto Rico, Aguadilla - 01/2024 $895. United Airlines 
  • St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands- 2/2022 $825.
  • Trinidad & Tobago- 6/2019 $1570.
  • Vietnam, Da Nang- 5/21/2019 $4100.

Airline charges to ship to Europe, the Middle East and Asia can be significantly higher. 


 An urn is the container that cremated remains are placed in following a cremation. When arrangements are made for cremation the family has many options such as the type of material, engraving choices and cost. Urn prices vary, but adult full size urns start at $100.

County Cremation Approval Charges 

 The Medical Examiner is the person that reviews the death certificate and gives the crematory approval to cremate.  The cost for cremation approval is based on the county in which the death occurred.

                                   Deaths in Orange and Osceola County: $35

                                   Deaths in Seminole, Lake, Marion, Sumter, Citrus and Hernando Counties: $60. 

                                   Deaths in Volusia County: $50.

                                   Deaths in Brevard County: $30

                                   Deaths in Polk County: $25.

                                   Deaths in Hillsborough County: $50

Dove Release  (per dove)                 Call for Pricing

A dove release can be a beautiful ending to a service.

Special charges related to the care of the deceased

AutopsyWhen a viewing is requested on a person that has had an autopsy an extra charge will apply because of the additional work required to make the deceased able to be viewed.   $175.

HairSome families request that a professional hairdresser be hired to care for the hair of the deceased.  Cases vary not all persons will require the use of a professional hairdresser.   $65.

Larger PersonsAll persons are different and the way we carry our weight varies from person to person.  A general rule that we use is that persons weighing in excess of 300 pounds may require special sized containers for cremation or burial.  We are sensitive to these special needs and will provide options for the family if needed.